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Legal advise can be provided by the lawyer in Japanese and English. For other languages, we can arrange interpreters.

1. Flow to Resolution

1) Reservation for consultation

For a reservation for consultation, please call 03-6421-7827 or complete the “Consultation Request” form. If you submit the form online, our staff will contact you by phone or email to confirm your appointment date and time.
If you notice us in advance, we can arrange a consultation at night or Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

2) Consultation

In principle, a consultation meeting is held at our office. For clients who are difficult to come to our office by sickness or other, we can also visit your place.
Based on your inquiries and the materials you bring, we will present legal opinions and suggest solutions.

3) Contract

If you would like to request the lawyer to handle your case, contract will be signed after the consultation. Lawyers will explain attorney fees and contract details beforehand.

4) Handling the case

Based on the contents of the contract, we will work to make the best solution for the client.

2. To make a reservation

TEL: 03-6421-7827

Consultation Request Form

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