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Our Office’s Strengths

1.Lawyers with a wealth of experience and knowledge
When it comes to handling matters such as international divorce and immigration, we have the most experience and the greatest expertise in Japan.
2.The ability to resolve extremely complicated issues
We have proudly accepted numerous matters that other law offices refused to take or which were thought to be impossible to resolve, and brought them to successful conclusions for many clients.
3.Each and every matter is the responsibility of our representative lawyer
In most major law firms, your matter may not be handled directly by a lawyer in whom you could confidently place your trust.
In our office, however, our representative lawyer with trustworthy expertise and experience is responsible for each and every matter.


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A Message from Our Representative Lawyer

Since being admitted to the practice of law as an attorney, I have received requests from many clients – both individual and corporate – and have taken charge of a wide range of civil and criminal matters.
In particular, over the last few years, I have devoted myself to civil issues involving international elements (e.g., international family issues and immigration cases), thereby deepening my knowledge and experience. To date, I have handled hundreds of such matters, and I take pride in being one of the most experienced lawyers in Japan with ever-expanding expertise in this field. Our office will continue to handle international civil issues as a core part of our work while constantly striving to enhance our expertise in resolving a vast array of complex problems. If you are facing international divorce, international inheritance, immigration, or other such complicated issues, please feel free to contact our office.


Ocean Law Office
(Shibadaimon Office)

YSK-Bld 8F 1-3-11 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0012

Phone: 03-6435-9486

Meguro International Law Office
(Ocean Law Office Meguro Office)

Fukuyama-Bld 8F 1-24-18 Meguro, Meguro,
Tokyo 153-0063

Phone: 03-6421-7827

Kyoto Office

6/F, SRSX Bldg., 334 Miyoshi-cho,
Yamato-Oji Higashiiru, Furumonzen Dori,
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City, Kyout-fu

Phone: 075-366-5712